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Undercoat Layer via Filled Anodize Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033719D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-23

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This disclosure describes the preparation of a filled undercoat layer that consists of an anodized layer whose pores are filled with precipitated reaction products or reaction constituents. This is achieved by submerging an anodized photoreceptor substrate in a dilute solution of a reactant, rinsing the excess and a submersion in a solution of the second reactant. The reagents react to fill the pores of the anodized layer. The reaction of iron (III) nitrate with potassium ferrocyanide to form Prussian Blue is given as an example. The method can be extended to include oxides and sulfides. The layer must be at least 15 microns thick. The resultant anodized layer is harder, more corrosion resistant, and have better dielectric characteristics than the current undercoat layer for life extension.