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Active Output Tray Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033733D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-23

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This disclosure describes an active output tray that changes shape to accommodate curl in the sheets as they exit the copier/printer. Sheets, as they leave the copier/printer, can assume a curl where the curvature is at right angles to the process direction. This curl can be up or down. If the curl is down the sheets will form a reasonable stack in the output tray. If the curl is up the sheets form an untidy stack where the curled sheets either obstruct the copier/printer exit or makes the tray full sensor prematurely. Bail arms can be added to help the up curled sheets stack but this does not work on slow process speed copier/printer's or small paper sizes as the drag from the bail arms makes the sheets stop too quickly. An alternative is to use a "broken back tray". Here the upper face of the tray that receives the sheets is no longer flat but curved, being higher in the middle. This causes the up curled sheets to "break their backs" and make a flatter and tidier stack.