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Auto / Manual-advance of jammed paper the Fuser into spiral paper pocket Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033734D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-23
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This disclosure describes a pocket adjacent to the fuser exit that can contain the paper in the event of a jam and prevent paper tearing when the fuser is extended into the jam clearance position.

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Auto I Manual-advance of jammed paper the Fuser into “spiral’ paper pocket. (Can be applied to other jam clearance areas as well)

There is always a concern that pulling the fuser drawer out to clear a paper jam may result in tearing the paper.  The manual or auto-advance of the jammed sheet into a spiral paper pocket moves the paper from the fuser into a container for easy removal.

During a shutdown the user interface tracks the timing of the sheet that will stop in the fuser area at the time that the system is shutdown.  The pocket has an exit gate that lowers into a “closed” position based on the shutdown timing of the system.   The inside of the pocket has a spiral-designed track that curls the sheet as it enters.

Scenario 1 (Auto advance) - The sheet that was entering into the Fuser goes into the pocket and spirals until it is completely in the pocket. This is a timed action during the shutdown based on sheet detection or anticipated arrival in the fuser.

Scenario 2 (Manual Advance)  - The sheet stops in the fuser nip. The pocket exit gate closes for the shutdown. The sheet can be manually advanced into the pocket.

Scenario 2a Sheet can be sticking through the pocket exit.  Sheet can be retracted behind the exit, which in its closed position will not allow the sheet to pass through, but will not tear the sheet.

The customer pulls out the Fuser drawer, opens an access door of the pocket and removes the sheet.  Another option for removal of the sheet is to h...