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A system which supports sub-password Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033753D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-28
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Disclosed is a system which supports sub-password. Sub-password is for the case which the genuine user cannot access the system.

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A system which supports sub -password

1 (Overview) This system supports a sub-password with which the deputy to the owner of a

user ID can logon in case the owner gets into an accident.

2 (System Operations)

2.1 The owner of the user ID, in addition to a regular password (main password) assigns a sub-password and lets the deputy know it. 2.2 If a log on with the main password has not been executed for a predetermined period (say 2 weeks) or the owner of main password permits, the deputy can logon the system with the sub-password. 2.3 As for operation log, the system is supposed to be able to distinguish between the logon with the main password and the one with sub-password.

3 The merits of this system are the following:

3.1 Enable logon in case that the owner of the user ID loses conscious for a long time or passes away. Traditional unique password system does not expect such cases. This system, which enables the deputy to log on with sub-password, can handle such case.

3.2 In need to let the deputy process the system, by an operation of the owner, the system enables the deputy to logon with sub-password. On the other hand, in traditional system the user is obliged to inform the deputy of the password.

(a) It is not clear which operations are done by the deputy.

(b) When the deputy ends the operations, the owner of the ID must change the password.

(In this system, what the user should do to cancel the sub-password permission.)

4. System process description
4.1 Prerequisite

- For each user ID, the following fields are assigned.

On user ID registration, user ID and the main password are set.

- On every logon, the date and time of last logon are updated. The ID owner, logging on by main password, can set or reset the sub-password. - The ID owner, logging on with the main password, can set or reset the permission of the sub-password.

UserID xxxxx

Main password pppp
Sub-password ssss
Sub-password permission
Date and time of last logon


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4.2 (a) System operation fl...