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Late-binding email attachment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033909D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-04
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When a file attachment is added to an email, a separate copy of the file is attached. If you update the attachment after adding it to the email and before sending it, you have to unattach and reattach the file to get the latest version. This is a common occurrence that is very annoying and unproductive. Furthermore, it is error-prone. If the user forgets to update the attachment by removing and re-adding it, he/she can send a document they didn't mean to send. The only method close to this is the ability to send a web link in an email. This isn't sufficient because it may be a document that the user does not want to make available on a network.

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Late-binding email attachment

Proposed is a late binding of email attachments. The attachment would exist as a link to the actual file until the send button is pressed. The document isn't copied from it's location until the send takes place. This would ensure that the latest copy of the file is sent as an attachment. This invention can be implemented as suggested, using a link to the file until the send action. When an attachment is added to an email, a separate copy isn't actually attached at that point. A link is created at the time the attachment is made. The link points to the actual file on the system. When the send button is pushed by the user, the link is resolved and a copy of the file is made at that time to be sent with the email.

This would ensure that the latest copy of an attachment is sent with the email without user intervention.