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Inactivate Part Number Process Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033917D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-04
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Disclosed is software and a business process that identifies subcomponents that are no longer needed to build products. This disclosure includes a business process to identify and stop ordering of part numbers that will no longer be sold, a business process to associate subcomponent part numbers using key words to allow comparison to subcomponets with similar function, software to compare subcomponet part numbers using key words, and software to set an inactive flag if the subcomponet is not used in other part number trees.

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Inactivate Part Number Process

Main Idea

Disclosed is software and a business process that identifies subcomponents that are no longer needed to build products.

Complex products reuse subcomponents used in previous products. Subcomponents are often used for different purposes in new products and are located at different or multiple places in the part number bill of material tree for an individual product. While much has been published in the literature regarding database management for the part number at the top of the bill of material that is used for ordering, software to manage subcomponet part numbers requires intensive manual effort to check the part number trees to determine if any subcomponent is used in other products. When multiple products are made inactive or if subcomponets are used in many different products, this process is very time consuming since each subcomponent must be traced up and down the part number tree to determine use.

This disclosure provides a business process to identify part numbers that will no longer be sold and a method in software to identify all subcomponent part numbers and automatically tag those not used in other products as "inactive". This process allows easy routine maintenance of the database and provides manufacturing organizations with one place to look to see if the subcomponent part number is active or inactive. If a subcomponent is inactive, manufacturing and service organizations take actions to scrap tooling need to support the part and remove the part from manufacturing databses. In semiconductor manufacturing organizations, actions taken when a subcomponent part number is declared inactive include recyle of semiconductor wafer masks, terminating engineering support for the subcomponent, reusing or recycling test fixtures, and reducing the size of manufacturing databases thru deletion of records needed to support the inactive subcomponents. S...