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method to show your memo correspondent with a web page Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033936D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-06
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Disclosed device is a Memo bar; a plug in for a web browser. This enables a user to leave a personal memo for a web page so that he can see the memo if he visits the same web page again.

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method to show your memo correspondent with a web page

Recently it often happens that the Internet user visit the same web page. But if a user tries to leave a personal memo for a page, he has to write the memo down on somewhere. Furthermore, if he visits various web pages and keeps a memo for each, the amount of memo gets increased, and this causes difficulty in finding the memo of one's desire.

Disclosed is a Memo bar (tentative name): a new plug-in for a web browser. A memo bar consists of a view window for a memo input/output and a database which stores sets of a memo and URI.. When a web page is loaded, a memo bar is ready to be written in. If something is written in a memo bar, the description is stored in a memo database with its web page URI. When the same web page is loaded next time, the memo bar starts searching in a memo database with its key URI, and if a memo correspondent to its key URL is found, the memo is displayed on a memo bar. (If nothing is found, a memo bar shows nothing.) Stored information in a memo database is updated when another description is added to a memo bar, or the original description gets deleted or modified, A memo can contain a link to another web page, this means, if user clicks a text which shows a link to anther web page, the web page is loaded into a web browser. This works as a kind of user's personal link on a web page.

The following are information examples to be written in a memo bar;
1. "To go to this museum, getting...