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Address format synonym parser for TTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033937D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-06
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Some Japanese address word have multiple read-out, this idea is to give correct reading by using Zip code.

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Address format synonym parser for TTS

Disclosed is a physical address TTS(Text to speech) reader.

When going to read Address test, there is some problem for reading.

Problem: Japanese word sometimes has multiple-read out, when reading physical address by TTS TTS can not find correct reading for given kanji word.


Have a look-up table to see what reading is correct, by zip code.


" " is a name of Japanese address, this kanji-character has three ways of reading "hon-tyou", "moto-machi" or "moto-chou".

There's no strict rule for read-out for multiple-reading address word.

To solve this issue, combine reading to address zip.

Previously build following style look up table.

example image of "multiple reading word look-up by zip table"

When TTS encounters multiple-reading word, it will look-up this table. TTS detects what is the correct reading for assigned zip.


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