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Safe tilt mechanism for a display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033956D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-07
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Disclosed is a safer tilt and support mechanism for a large flat display unit or for the other heavy unit.

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Safe tilt mechanism for a display

A coventional flat display has a gas-spring on its backside for supporting the weight of the display panel diagonally. But it is difficult for such a gas spring to maintain the required counter-balancing force throughout all tilt angles of the display panel. If an operator inadvertently releases the display panel at the imbalanced angle positions during his tilting operation, the flat display may spring back to its standing or vertical postion or fall down until its horizontal position, which may injure the operator and/or break the display.

For solving the above problems, a tilt and support mechanism according to this invention uses a pair of knobs A and B with a stopper E and a link mechanism (a cover F and a link
H), in addition to a conventional gas-spring having a latch.

The conventional latch of the gas-spring is released for movement, when a protrusion K of the gas-spring is pushed down againt its biased force towards the upper direction in Figures. This protrusion K is pushed through the link mechanism, only when both knobs A and B are grasped simultaneously or pinched by the fingers of the operator, according to this invented mechanism.

The knob A is pivotable around a fulcrum C and biased in a counter-clockwise direction by a spring D located on top of the display panel, as shown in Fig.1. The stopper E is provided at the opposite side of the knob A.. The stopper is faced to the surface of the other knob B which is provided on the cover F. The cover F is pivo...