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Template Pasting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033958D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-07
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A new software feature is described which allows the user to use special tokens that are replaced with various values when they are pasted into existing text.

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Template Pasting

With conventional pasting of text the text that is on the clipboard is copied into the document without being changed. With this feature turned on, the text is first pasted then a number of predefined tokens are replaced in the text that was pasted. The tokens, and what they are replaced with can vary.

To simplify this description, tokens are assumed to be a percent sign (%) followed by two letters and optionally one or more arguments in parentheses.

These example tokens are used in the rest of this document:

%ht = replaced by the highlighted text. %uc = replaced by the highlighted text with all letters changed to upper case. %mc = replaced by the highlighted text with the first letter of each word changed to upper case and all of the rest changed to lower case. %lc = replaced by the highlighted text with all letters changed to lower case. %ct = replaced by the current time %sn(s ,i ) = replaced by a number that is incremented by s each time the paste is performed and starts at i . %pn = replaced by the current page number %% = replaced by the percent sign %( = replaced by the open parentheses

The "highlighted text" referred to in the descriptions is any text that was highlighted in the document prior to pasting. With normal pasting this text is overwritten by the pasted text. With this feature turned on the text is removed from the document and placed in a temporary buffer where it can be used when replacing the tokens.

When doing a global find and replace the text that is...