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Epilator with pressure cap Disclosure Number: IPCOM000034052D
Publication Date: 2005-Jan-14
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Titel: Epilator with pressure cap

A mechanical epilator comprises a tweezer-like member for gripping hairs growing on human skin and for pulling the gripped hairs out of the skin. The tweezer-like member for example comprises a system of rotating and mutually co-operating clamping discs.

A disadvantage of the epilator is the pain which is felt by the user when a gripped hair is pulled out of the skin. The pain is increased by the fact that the portion of the skin, which is present around a hair which is pulled by the tweezer-like member, is doming up under the influence of the pulling forces.

It is proposed to provide the epilator with a new feature which prevents that the skin around the hair is doming up when the hair is pulled out of the skin. As a result the pain felt by the user during pulling is considerably reduced.

The new feature comprises a pressure cap surrounding the tweezer-like member. In operation the circumferential edge of the pressure cap rests on the skin, so that the portion of the s kin, which is treated by the tweezer-like member, is sealed off. The epilator further comprises, or is connectable to, an air-pressure source which provides on over pressure of air inside the pressure cap. Under influence of the pressurized air in the pressure cap, a regularly distributed mechanical counter load is applied on the skin around the hairs to be pulled out, so that doming up of the skin is prevented by the pressurized air.

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