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Off stochiometric Heusler Alloys Disclosure Number: IPCOM000034121D
Publication Date: 2005-Jan-17

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Heusler alloys are being considered for GMR and TMR devices as well as other spintronic devices. Many of the alloys are predicted to exhibit 100% spin polarization--i.e. one spin direction has states available for electrons while the other does not. Another way to look at this is that for one spin direction, the band structure and density of states (DOS) is metallic while the other spin direction is semiconducting. Because of this property, these materials should give extremely high values of magnetoresistance. Heuser alloys typically have the chemical formulae ABC or A2BC. Because of the nature of the materials used and the methods of producing thin films, these materials can be difficult to produce in exactly the correct stochiometry. We show that 100% spin polarization can be achieved for materials with significant off-stochiometry, making them much easier to manufacture.