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Patterning of High Temperature Superconducting Thin Films Disclosure Number: IPCOM000034379D
Original Publication Date: 1989-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-27

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Gupta, A Koren, G Moore, N [+details]


Patterns of high temperature superconducting oxide films can be produced by laser irradiation. A solution is made of the nitrates of the components of the superconducting film, and the solution is sprayed onto a substrate. For example, if a patterned layer of YBa2Cu3O7-x is desired, the nitrates could be Y(NO3)3, Ba(NO3)2, and Cu(NO3)2 . These precursors are dissolved in water, and the solution is sprayed onto the substrate, where it is dried to leave a precursor layer. The precursor layer is then irradiated with a laser beam (CO2, Ar ion, excimer laser, etc.) at those areas whose insulation is desired. For a focussed Ar ion laser operating at 514 nm, a power of 1 W can be used. Annealing in an oven in flowing oxygen will yield insulating lines in the irradiated areas and superconducting lines in the non-irradiated areas.