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Provide Interactive Browser Version Of A Customer Dump Dataset With On-line Analysis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000034882D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-19
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A method to create a problem analysis "dump" dataset that will be an on-line interactive service dashboard that will allow customers to navigate through service information directly on-line while "inside" the "dump" dataset. All the required service information directly related to the problem and the product release will be immediately available. Also the customer will be able to automatically send the "dump" dataset directly to the support center. The support center will use a new search methodology that will identify and isolate any existing fixes that are required to resolve the problem. This will replace the current method of the customer creating a search string on their own to try to determine, and find a match, of any existing fixes they need to resolve their problem.

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Provide Interactive Browser Version Of A Customer Dump Dataset With On -line Analysis

Disclosed is a method that will translate the current flat text file, of a dump, to an on-line interactive service dashboard. From a standard internet browser the customer can then navigate through the service information currently on-line and do service analysis directly while "inside" the dump file. All the information required for the on-line dump will be directly available to the customers. Also disclosed is a method that will allow the customer to send the dump directly into the support center and the support center will do the search analysis to determine if any current fixes are required to resolve the problem. The new search methodology will be described below and will return a list of existing fixes available that could resolve the problem, or indicate that there is no known existing fix(s) for their current problem and therefore the problem must be diagnosed and isolated further using the on-line dump analysis tools available.

Creating the on-line interactive dump: A utility program will take the current dump flat text file as input and convert this to an on-line dump that can be viewed from any internet browser. This new browser version will contain the following:

External Links:

Software fix database

General publications

Specific product external links

The service and troubleshooting homepage The on-line dump help database

A direct support center analysis and search option.

Problem reporting links Specific product on-line facility message doc Internal Links:

Internal links will be added to allow customers to easily navigate through the on-line DUMP. This includes chain pointers forward and back, direct links to exceptions and other pertinent information.

Method to provide automated customized intelligent searches: Today the current method of searching a database for a required fix requires manual intervention and as a result is time consuming and also not as efficient.

Currently the following method is used by customers to identify an existing fix.: Failures in the software product can be searched using keywords. A keyword is a descriptive word or abbreviation assigned to describe one aspect of a product failure. A set of keywords, called a keyword string, describes the failure in detail. You can use a keyword or keyword string as a search argument against a software support database. The database contains keyword and text information describing all current problems reported through fixes (patches) and as...