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Methodology for integrating multiple system elements in an enclosed structure using a flex film LGA connector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000034887D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-19

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In the design of large and small computer systems, there is a need to provide a method to insure that correctly licensed and purchased hardware is used. For instance, information of the number of processors sold in a system, maybe located on a Multi-Chip module (MCM) as design by IBM. The number of processors (CPU) can range from as few as 5 to 20 CPU?s. When added functions or the number of processors sold are turned on within the MCM, a security chip is programmed to insure compliance with the licensing and sales agreements. Also when MCM?s are moved from one system board to another, new code for this change must be loaded into the Service Element (SE) and configuration files updated for the new hardware (HW). A method to insure that the HW is configured properly is to incorporate in a special chip the monitoring or verification electronics, and then mount this chip on the MCM so that it can verify the HW. This was the accepted method in previous system designs, but as the design restrictions and the need to have a larger number of processors on the MCM, the placement of this chip has been precluded. For this reason, other methods were used in later systems. The monitoring HW was then located on the system board near the MCM, or where ever it was possible to be placed. Because the space on the system board has now becomes more dense due to mounting fixturing, memory, and other required components, the available room left may not permit use of the security HW to be near the MCM. One method to facilitate the security and to be able to add functions to the system would be to build into the carrier HW for the MCM, several compartment areas which would contain small daughter MCM?s or single chip modules (SCM?s). Interconnection of those device carriers to the system board as well as the mother MCM would be accomplished with a multi-layer flex film LGA connector. In this way the monitoring, verification electronics, as well as added functions could be completely contained with the MCM structure at all times, and would be a factory safeguard for protecting the licensed system HW.