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Automated installs of software solutions using a dynamic dependency system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035204D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-20
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Disclosed is a dynamic dependency system that enables software install programs to automatically query an up-to-date list of compatible versions of prerequisites, compare this to the actual environment and automatically install any required software or updates. This would give users a higher degree of assurance that the combination of their products will work smoothly and give them easy access to the prerequisites they require with the minimum manual intervention.

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Automated installs of software solutions using a dynamic dependency system

Disclosed is a system that combines a dynamic on-line repository of software dependancy information with automated install technology. Rather than fixing software prerequisites when a product is packaged, they can be updated at any point in the life cycle of the product, such as life cycle testing and customer problem resolution in service. Further, because this dependancy information can include indirect prerequisites it can be used to automate installs of full software solutions in an intelligent way.

    The basic functions of the Dynamic Dependency System are to check the users environment (which can be achieved using existing platform functions), to retrieve information about what environment is required, to present information to the user, and to take action based upon user input.

    A reusable code module, library or application is used to perform the necessary processing of an on-line repository of software dependency information. This functionality could then be used with pre-install launchpads, install programs, or as a stand alone command, from Eclipse help systems, and so on.

    Based on the information retrieved by the tool, it is possible to display or print a report of the prerequisites and whether they are already satisfied or not, link to the relevant product information and downloads on the internet, link directly to a software ordering service, or automatically install any necessary products. Since all of the information is retrieved from the Internet, product versions, URLs, etc. can always be kept up-to-date. Any prerequisite software that itself has dependencies documented using the same method would enable all required software to be presented seamlessly, in order to install a fully functioning solution.

    The following Statement of Environment information would need to be represented in a machine readable format and made available through a network connection which can be updated at any time for the Dynamic Dependency System to retrieve. Use of XML would be a suitable option. Providing a local copy of the information, allowing u...