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Digital entertainment media censoring using Web Services Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035208D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-20
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This article describes a method of using Web services and existing Internet technologies to help censor inappropriate content in entertainment media. When audio or video is being played, a Web service informs the playing device (e.g. MP3 software on a PC) of when censoring is required. The device/software then automatically filters out the offending material.

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Digital entertainment media censoring using Web Services

Parents like to exert some authority over the listening and viewing habits of their children. To deal with this, the film industry allow films to be classified and the music industry state on their media whether the music stored therein contains strong language. This has limited effect, and a child may wish to listen to a song or view a film with the inappropriate sections removed, as is the case with music played over the radio.

    Currently there is no simple way for a parent or anyone else to purchase said media and then remove the inappropriate content so that it is acceptable to be listened to and/or viewed by their child. Radio stations have to depend upon the artist recording a version without inappropriate language or have a technician remove the inappropriate language by dubbing the song. This is not possible for a parent since the media formats that are bought from shops are read only and therefore cannot be dubbed.

    Using Web services, the device playing the media can deduce when inappropriate content will be shown or heard and takes action based on this to remove the inappropriate content or to mask it.

    The device playing the media detects what it is playing using the id of the content (similar to how music software can recognise what CD it is playing) and a Web service that supplies media information. It then contacts another Web service and requests information on what possibly inappropriate infor...