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Event generation control from alien environments Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035211D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-20
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Event generation control from alien environments

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Event generation control from alien environments

Business processes typically encompass a mixture of different vendors' middleware and applications which have been acquired or developed over a number of years. As companies strive to streamline their business processes, they integrate these islands. Monitoring of the resulting integrated business process requires instrumentation of the middleware and components to produce events which feed into some event infrastructure.

    At any point in time, it is unlikely that all events will be required to be logged. Event infrastructures may provide a mechanism to switch event writing on or off in the server, however, the clients are still burdened with the expense of creating and delivering an event, even when the event is switched off. This is a particular problem when the events carry business data and are therefore typically large. To construct, serialise, transport and deserialise such events imposes significant overhead on both the client and the server event infrastructure.

    This article describes a mechanism to devolve the event decision responsibility to the clients through the provision of a protocol for clients to request and cache the necessary configuration information.

First a common format is designed to describe the configuration (or a requested part of it). Using a XML document is a good example of such a format.

    Second a component is built that provides an API for the client to use to check whether an event is...