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Migration OnDemand Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035385D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-20
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This disclosure is to discuss a communication mechanism between DFSMS and DFSMShsm. This would allow DFSMS a way to notify DFSMShsm when a volume is above the High Threshold so DFSMShsm can Migrate data from the volume immediately as opposed to waiting for the next interval and check to see what volumes are above the High Threshold.

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Migration OnDemand

This methodology is disclosed as a way for DFSMShsm to Migrate data from volumes onDemand instead of reviewing a collection of volumes on an interval to see if they are above the High Threshold. As DFSMS allocates data onto volumes DFSMS can determine the space used on the volume. If DFSMS determines the volumes are above the High Threshold as specified in the Storage Group Definition, DFSMS can signal DFSMShsm so DFSMShsm can start Migration of this volume. This would allow DFSMShsm to eliminate the need for space checks for the all the volumes in a shop every hour, this will in turn reduce the CPU cycles used and volume contention at this time.