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Install Robot Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035503D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-21
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Autonomic Integrated Clustered Install, pulling information from an already clustered environment allows for a simpler and easier way to install PTFs and components to WebSphere.

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Install Robot

WebSphere does not have an easy way of upgrading or adding software. For 100 servers each server must be upgraded individually.

Currently customers use this and other time consuming ways to update and maintain WebSphere. With a one click install, a tool built into the console will allow easier use to install on multiple nodes.

Through the use of WebSphere resources that already understand an existing built cell, an install tool can be added to WebSphere Deployment Manager. By integrating an install mechanism into WebSphere Deployment Manager this reduces time and resources. It also allows WebSphere to be Extendable.

Network Deployment currently has the technology that enables it to have communication with it' s WebSphere Application Servers. It communicates through JMX, file transfer and Application Management Beans. Using this existing technology of parent and child Applications Servers can be updated.

This allows for system to then be updated and extended. I also saves time and money for both the customer and IBM. It saves time for the customer to maintain a system solely based for IBM upgrades. It also cuts costs in two key areas for IBM; services and support. Because services is often times required for new components, making the WebSphere system easily extendable would cut down on service costs. In addition, PTF's and fix packs that generate a large number of support calls would also decrease because of easy usability to install.

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