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On-Demand GUI Controls Based on Ambient Temperature for Touch-Screen Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035505D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-21

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The purpose of this disclosure is to a method that will allow users of touch-screen devices to alter the GUI components of the screen based on the surrounding environment. Main advantages of this disclosure include: - The ability for users to actively or inactively set the mode of the device to adapt with surrounding environment - Provide minimal change in the simplistic interaction model between the user and touch-screen device - Provide automatic, intelligent UI changes based on surrounding environmental conditions Most touch-screen devices, which require simple interactions with buttons and text, do not require the use of a stylus but instead rely upon the user to quickly press the desired function. When used within a standard environment, such as the home or office, the size and navigation of this screen is acceptable. However, if the device was moved into an environment that force the user to interact with the device differently, the user interface of the touch screen may become obtrusive and hard to use. For example, if a user moves into an environment in which the temperature is 55 degrees or less, the user will most likely require gloves for their exposed fingers. The use of gloves prevents the once available and quick-to-use input navigation with the device and thus forces the user to either make use of the provided stylus for simple input operations (which was not required in a different environment) or try to clumsily attempt to interact with the device. In addition, the user is also forced to adjust their interaction approach with the device (i.e. using the stylus for simple operations versus using their fingers), leading to additional work and dependency. Some other examples that include a necessity for changes in the UI for a touch-screen device include: - Interaction with GPS coordinates / maps when traversing terrain with dramatic temperature differences - Camera / on-board input systems that require quick and simple minimal interaction from the user - GPS devices; Tablet PCs; Cell Phones; Sleek MP3 players - any device that could be potentially used with only a visual display for user input