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Ammonia Process Vent and/or Drain Recovery as Reusable Product Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035515D
Publication Date: 2005-Jan-21
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Ammonia Process Vent and/or Drain Recovery as Reusable Product

Ammonia processing (manufacture, purification, etc.) produces auxiliary vent streams and drain streams of ammonia-containing vapor and/or liquid fluid.  These auxiliary streams can be collected and converted to reusable ammonium hydroxide solution.  A means to accomplish is to direct the auxiliary streams to a water-based contactor such as a scrubber or absorber.  A scrubber or absorber also provides the means separate and remove non-condensable contaminants, relatively free of ammonia.  As such, the contactor prevents ammonia from being released to the environment and at the same time generates an ammonium hydroxide stream which can be sold as a valued byproduct. 

If all vent and drain streams from the process are capture and converted, the process system can be operated without the production of any ammonia-containing waste.  A scrubber or absorber is appropriate if auxiliary streams contain non-condensable contaminants.  Since different auxiliary streams may have different content of non-condensable contaminants, these streams may be introduced as different locations in the scrubber or absorber to effect optimal removal of contaminants without ammonia losses.

If the vent and/or drain streams are relatively free of impurities other than water and ammonia, and high purity water (e.g. deionized water) is used in the contactor, then the resulting ammonium hydroxide product stream will also have high purity,...