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Scrotal Implant for Erectile Dysfunction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035521D
Publication Date: 2005-Jan-21
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A system and method of treating a patient suffering from erectile dysfunction includes implanting a testicle-shaped implantable pulse generator in the scrotum of a patient. The implantable pulse generator is connected to at least one lead with at least one electrode that stimulates a cavernous or other nerve. The implantable pulse generator may communicate or receive power from external devices.

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Scrotal Implant for Erectile Dysfunction

Background & Summary

This disclosure relates generally to implantable microstimulator systems and methods, Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) systems and methods, and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) systems and methods, and more particularly relates to pressure activation and/or control; implantable pulse generators; external programmers or programming systems; power sources, including rechargeable batteries, and charging circuits; telemetry, including antennas and coils; implantable packaging for electronic circuits; software; insertion and/or implantation tools or methods; treatments for neural disorders; and implantable leads; implantable analog circuits; implantable digital circuits, including DSP circuits; and implantable electrodes of implantable microstimulator systems and methods, Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) systems and methods, and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) systems and methods.

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Additional and improved treatment systems and methods are needed for patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

Description of Invention

Electrical stimulation of the cavernous nerve 50 (see FIG. 1 below) for erectile dysfunction requires substantial energy for a functional and therapeutic outcome.  Present technology consists of implantable pulse generators which must be implanted at regions distal to the penis or scrotum with lead wires which must be tunneled modest distances to reach the target neural tissue.  Remote control systems for such stimulators may not be easily operated (or desirous) during the use of said stimulation.  Other stimulation technology (e.g., microstimulators) may not have sufficient stimulation output or energy capacity to maintain erection for a long-enough duration for satisfactory function.  Electrodes in fixed configuration stimulation devices may not be well suited for recruitment of this complicated neural target.

Therefore, a need exists for an invention that utilizes an electrode that is well suited for the ta...