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Reusable-Label for Removable Media Cartridges Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035550D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-24
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Our invention comprised two layers mounted to a removable media cartridge, such as a magnetic tape cartridge. The first layer being a magnetizable material which leaves a visible trace of the magnetization for human reading, and the second layer being a shunt layer, so that the magnetic field used to magnetize the first layer does not affect the data stored on the magnetic media.

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Reusable-Label for Removable Media Cartridges

FIG. 1 shows removable media cartridge 100, which is typically a magnetic tape cartridge. However, removable media cartridge could alternately be a hard disk cartridge or an optical disk cartridge, such as a magneto-optical, phase-change, or holographic disk cartridge. Reusable label 120 is placed on cartridge 100, preferably along the back side 101 of cartridge 100, since backside 101 is exposed to the picker of an automated storage library when cartridge 100 is either in a storage cell or placed in an I/O device. Cartridge 100 also has door 106, for access to the I/O media inside of cartridge 100, and cartridge memory 103 on printed circuit board 105.

FIG. 2 shows that reusable label 120 comprises a magnetic film 121 with the properties that exposures to a magnetic field from magnetic write-erase head 130 can leave a trace which is visible to the human eye. Thus, once magnetic write-erase head 130 sweeps across reusable label 120, reusable label 120 shows a barcode and/or visible alphanumeric VOLSER (volume serial) number which is visible to the human eye. Magnetic write-erase head 130 can also be used to erase and rewrite reusable label 120, so that the barcode and/or VOLSER number can be changed as the data contents of cartridge 100 change with time, or if cartridge 100 is moved from one automated storage library to another.

FIG. 2 also shows shunt layer 123, which is between magnetic film 121 and cartridge 100. S...