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Plasma Cleaning of RABiTS Metal Substrate to Improve Adhesion of Oxide Layers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035583D
Publication Date: 2005-Jan-25

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In the coated conductor RABiTS architecture the HTS layer grows in the same biaxial orientation as the substrate. To do this, the texture has to be is copied from the substrate through the buffer layers into the HTS layer. The buffer seed layer needs a clean metal template with a sulfur c(2x2) superstructure to nucleate from. Otherwise, the preferred orientation of the seed layer is (111). In addition a common failure of the buffer stack is delamination at the metal substrate / oxide seed layer interface. Delamination is caused by mismatch in thermal expansion, stresses in the film an inherently weak interface between the metal and the seed oxide interface. The strength of the interface changes when oxide forms at the interface.