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Long Length Reactive Evaporation of Seed Layers for YBCO Coated Conductors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035586D
Publication Date: 2005-Jan-25

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The purpose of this invention is to provide a reproducible and production scaleable technique to deposit a seed layer for an HTS YBCO conductor structure using reactive electron beam deposition and a ex situ post heat treatment. There are several critical process conditions that must be met to obtain an epitaxial seed layer with larger grain size, stable stoichiometry and high quality texture on a Nickel or Nickel alloy textured substrate. First, the substrate itself must be free of surface oxides. Secondly, the Nickel tape must be at high temperature at deposition atmosphere prior to deposition. Finally to improve the texture and stability of seed layers after vacuum deposition, the seed layer should be post heat treated in the proper atmosphere and temperature. The main features of the invention are a method for heating the tape during the deposition, the methodology for evaporating the seed, the method of introducing and constraining the reactive gas in the chamber near the substrate tape, and the ex situ heat treatment of seed layer after deposition.