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Pickup Box With Under Box Rail Storage For AVT Ramp Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035589D
Publication Date: 2005-Jan-25
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Pickup box with under box rail storage for ATV ramp

Many different companies currently manufacture after market ramps for pickup trucks that enable the user to load ATV's motor cycles and lawn & garden equipment easily into the back of a pickup truck box.  These ramps are usually large cumbersome components that are loosely stowed in the back of a pickup box.  During vehicle operation these ramps usually slid around and take up a lot of useful space in the cargo area of the box.

A method is proposed to package and store a pair of custom designed ramps above the rear wheel well and under the box rail.  These custom built ramps would be positively attached with some kind of mechanical fastener (wing nut, toggle lock, snap fit).  A custom molded bed liner could also have a fabricated ledge for the ramps to rest on in the stowed position.

During the usage of these custom built ramps they would function the same way that all the current after mart ramps are used.  After the loading or un-loading they would be stowed above the wheel well and under the box rail positively attached to the box side inner panel or bed liner.

Ramp package and attached to box side inner

Ramp in useful configuration

In conclusion, an ATV ramp design has been presented that demonstrates the usefulness and benefit of a custom designed & package ramp that positively attaches to the box inner panel or bed liner and shows the ramp under the wheel well & under the box rail that provides the customer with...