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Improve San File System client view of File System size to benefit the end users view.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000035591D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-26
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Method to help display a more accurate size of San File System when queried from a San File System client.

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Improve San File System client view of File System size to benefit the end users view .


Currently, when a San File System client queries the total size they have of their San File System (SFS), it always shows a Max integer of 15TB.


To get the actual total size of San File System that a client has access to would be to query the size of the San File System devices from the actual SFS client code. Each San File System client must have SFS volumes from SFS storage pools assigned to it in order to actually write to the San File System. The idea is to have a function in the SFS client code that determines what volumes assigned to the client are being used as SFS LUNS in a storage pool by reading the SFS label marked on the disk ( "dd" command would help determine this in AIX for example). Then have the function sum up the total size of the SFS volumes that the client has assigned to it using commands based on the client Operating System ("bootinfo -s vpath#" in AIX for example). Then feed the results from the client to the specific client Operating System commands such as AIX "df", Windows Explorer, etc. without having to go back to the Metadata server. This will show a more accurate value for the San File System size that a client has instead of the 15TB value. It also improves performance since the client does not need to depend on the San File System Metadata server to generate the value and obtain the size. Because this method has an SFS client ...