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Low-Cost Cover Assembly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000036000D
Original Publication Date: 1989-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-28
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This article describes a top cover assembly for a personal computer desktop model.

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Low-Cost Cover Assembly

This article describes a top cover assembly for a personal computer desktop model.

In the cover assembly disclosed herein, a simple sheet metal top cover is formed using aluminized vinyl clad material. This eliminates secondary operations of plating and painting. By using plastic, the design features desired, such as the tracks, tabs and screw bosses, are inexpensive to provide. Also, the secondary color is automatically provided. This design provides good EMC, ESD and magnetic shielding. It maintains an acceptable appearance.

The drawing is an exploded view in perspective of the cover assembly. The cover 1 has two die-cut holes 11 on each side. These holes provide the retention of trim pieces 2 and 3. By expanding slightly on insertion of trim bosses 10, the trim bosses are gripped securely. Small slots (not shown) around the perimeter of the holes allow this expansion. Rectangular slots 4 are provided on each side of the cover. These allow molded plastic tracks 5 to pass through the cover and form a groove on the two inside surfaces. These grooves align the cover assembly to the machine chassis (not shown). A round knock-out hole 6 is provided on one side of the cover 1 for access to an optional keylock device (not shown). The front edge 7 of the cover 1 is angled to provide easy alignment to a mating bezel (not shown). When connecting trim pieces 2 and 3 to cover 1, four screws 8 are inserted through four springs 9 and are turned throug...