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Modular Electrostatic Deflection System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000036651D
Original Publication Date: 1989-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-29
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A modular design for an electrostatic deflection system for charged particles is disclosed.

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Modular Electrostatic Deflection System

A modular design for an electrostatic deflection system for charged particles is disclosed.

Electrostatic deflection systems create an electric field which is used to deflect charged particles. A good deflector produces a large deflection for a small applied voltage. This condition occurs in a deflector which uses long closely spaced electrodes. Additional electrodes may be introduced to a deflector to increase the uniformity of the deflection field. An example of this is the dodecapole deflector which introduces extra electrodes to cancel hexapole moments in the deflection field. The additional electrodes frustrate attempts to make long small bore deflectors. The essence of this disclosure is to stack modules to create a deflector with a high length-to-bore ratio. The modules must be accurately made because they are the source of the deflection field. The modules can be made of a metalized insulator to reduce the effects of eddy currents which could produce a varying magnetic field. The metalization can be patterned to determine the interconnection between the electrodes and the drive sources. The modules can be made lithographically to allow small size and high accuracy. Photosensitive glass can be used as the substrate for the modules. The end effects of the deflection field can be made precise by adding shielding modules to the deflector. All electrodes in a shielding module are connected to a potential equal to the ave...