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Ultrasonic Generator for Liquid Jet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000036974D
Original Publication Date: 1989-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-29
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Disclosed is a device for generating ultrasonic energy in a fluid jet.

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Ultrasonic Generator for Liquid Jet

Disclosed is a device for generating ultrasonic energy in a fluid jet.

Jets of water are used to convey ultrasonic energy to difficult- to-handle or large parts (such as airplanes) in order to use the energy to detect cracks in the metal. Such jets have also been proposed for various cleaning purposes. It is quite possible that a jet carrying ultrasonic energy could be used for cutting and drilling purposes.

We propose the structure outlined in the figure which would be a simple, compact and inexpensive generator for launching ultrasonic sound waves in a fluid jet. The body of the generator consists of a piezoelectric tube 1. The inside of the tube is metallized 2, or the fluid 3 is conducting, so that the inside of the tube 4 is an equipotential plane. The outside of the tube has metal electrodes 5 deposited in a regular array. After connections are made to each electrode, the entire tube is potted in epoxy to prevent arcing between electrodes and to prevent the outside of the tube from expanding.

In practice, a jet of fluid 6 is formed when a liquid 7 is introduced under pressure into one end of the tube and exits into free space from the other end. A phased oscillating electric field is applied to each electrode, such that the phase difference between two adjacent electrodes gives a time delay which is exactly the time taken for the ultrasonic wave of the desired frequency and wavelength to propagate down the tube the distan...