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Input/Output Pin Inspection System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000037205D
Original Publication Date: 1989-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-29
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This article describes a pin inspection system which provides for automatic inspection of taperheaded input/output (I/O) pins.

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Input/Output Pin Inspection System

This article describes a pin inspection system which provides for automatic inspection of taperheaded input/output (I/O) pins.

The system disclosed herein operates at an automatic inspection station which examines random pins being coated and cured by a pin plating system. The I/O pins (see Fig. 1) are inspected to ensure that a uniform coating is present on the flat head and tapered shank of the pin and the results are used by the inspection system's controller to monitor the operation of the entire process.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view which identifies the configuration and major components of the system. Fig. 3 is a detailed perspective view of the pin receiving block. The basic configuration includes the following:
1. An air ejection nozzle which blows the pins from the

pin transport and into a pin tube.
2. Pin tubes (flexible tubes) in which the pins can be

blown to the receiving block. There are three

tubes in this

station, one for each line which is being inspected.
3. A receiving block which is ported for a vacuum manifold

and acts as a guide for a pin transport.
4. A pin transport which receives the pins when

positioned under

the pin tubes and can be shuttled to a pickup point

where a pin chuck can pick them up.

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5. An air cylinder which moves the pin transport.
6. A vacuum manifold which provides vacuum to help guide

the I/O pins into the holes in the pin transport.
7. A vacuum line which supplies vacuum to the vacuum

8. A pin chuck which uses vacuum to pickup and hold a pin.
9. A pin chuck transport which moves the pin chuck

vertically and horizontally from pin pickup points to a

viewing station. This is actually a commercially

available programmable linear x-y table. 10 A illumination system which uses ultraviolet light to illuminate the fluorescent particles added to the

coating material. 11 A pin head camera which views the flat surface on top of the pin's head. 12 A pin shank camera which views the 45-degree tapered surface

of the pin's shank. 13 A vision system and monitor which completes the automatic image analysis required to dete...