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Method to selecting and enacting back calendar entries or appointments

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Original Publication Date: 2005-Jan-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-31
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Method for selecting and enacting back calendar entries or appointments. Discussed is a method for having secondary or backup calendar appointments appended to the database of an electronic calendar or organizer. In the event that the "primary" event is canceled or deleted, the secondary event "bubbles up" and takes the place of the primary. This also implies that there can be an "ordered string" of secondary alternatives that will show up if the primary event is canceled.

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Method to selecting and enacting back calendar entries or appointments

These days in the business and personal world, people interact with each other through meeting invitations. In many instances, it is easier to send out a general invitation than to call and coordinate with multiple recipients of an invitation to a common meeting. Electronic calendars have grown in sophistication so that one can first scan a potential meeting time and be alerted of a conflict. Then, the user has the choice of pre-empting a previously scheduled appointment or rejecting an invitation, with comments.

A problem arises in that sometimes a previously scheduled appointment is canceled. However, the alternative entry that you rejected earlier is gone.

An example: John Smith has a standing meeting every weekday that starts at 1:00. He represents his area and can not simply skip these standing meetings. Jane Doe sends him an invitation to attend a very interesting technical seminar 2 months hence. He regretfully cannot attend and declines the invitation. Then, 2 weeks before the (declined) seminar, his standing meeting gets canceled because the moderator can not attend the meeting. Then, suddenly John can attend Jane's seminar, but he can't remember which day it is, what time it is at, and where it is located.

If only there were a way to have this alternative invitation pop up.

The solution is fairly straightfoward. When an invitation is received (and the user wishes to attend), they push an "accept" key provided by the calendar or organizer application program....