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Add-On Template for Use With a One-Line Display of a Typewriter or the Like Disclosure Number: IPCOM000038713D
Original Publication Date: 1987-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Jan-31

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Blanck, TW Fair, RH [+details]


A template of paper or thin cardboard, for example, is added to a display bezel of a typewriter or the like to surround a one-line display. The template has indicia thereon corresponding to each character position of the one-line display so that a user can mark on the template the beginning of a column that is being typed for a plurality of lines. This enables the user to return always to the proper start position or to know that a column is beginning at the proper position even when using a tab, for example. In a one-line display of a typewriter, for example, only one line of text or a portion thereof, depending on the length of the line, can be viewed by the user.