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Method for Providing IEEE Remainder Algorithm for Floating Point Disclosure Number: IPCOM000040689D
Original Publication Date: 1987-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-02

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Voltin, JA [+details]


A method for producing an exact IEEE remainder is described which is independent of the size of the argument. There are possibly many algorithms in existence for creating the IEEE STD 754 remainder function, where Remainder = R = x*REM(y), where 'x' is the argument, 'y' is the modulo number and the desired remainder is: R = x - N*Y, where N = largest integer such that R < y/2 Historically, these algorithms have one or more of the following limitations: 1. It only produces exact results for cases in which x/y is relatively small. 2. Its execution time is very long for large values of x/y 3. It requires extended precision hardware. 4. It does not produce exact results in some cases.