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Removable pot in fryer with brazed or welded heating element Disclosure Number: IPCOM000040938D
Publication Date: 2005-Feb-02
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ID 695315

Removable pot in fryer with brazed or welded heating element

    The first electrical fryers had a molded aluminum pot. The heating element was clamped in a groove in the pot. Later fryers had a deep-drawn pot with the heating element soldered, brazed or welded on the pot, which was a less expensive solution. In these fryers the pot is fixed in the appliance. This type of fryers is however hard to clean.

To overcome the cleaning problem the removable pot was introduced. At this moment two types of fryers with removable pots are available:
1) A fryer with a molded pot, with the heating element molded in or clamped to the pot.

The main disadvantages of a molded pot are the price and the weight of the pot.
2) A fryer with a deep-drawn pot, with a radiation element fixed in the housing of the fryer.

    The disadvantages of such a deep-drawn pot are the heat transfer to the oil, and the high temperature within the appliance.

    This invention relates to a removable pot for a fryer without the above-mentioned disadvantages in a very cost effective way.

    The picture shows a deep-drawn oil pot of a fryer, in which the heating element is soldered, brazed or welded onto the pot. The blue parts ensure that the heating element is waterproof.

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