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Elimination of Ni/Au Plated Metalization by Cofiring Pd-Pt-RhPaste on Mo via Disclosure Number: IPCOM000044697D
Original Publication Date: 1984-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-06

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DiGiacomo, G [+details]


This ternary alloy (25% Rh-40% Pt-35% Pd) is a solid solution having a solidus temperature of about 1735ŒC which can range from 1710Œ to 1760Œ if the composition is varied about 10% above and below the given value. Each alloying element and the alloy itself are face centered cubic (FCC) with the lattice parameter equal to 2.88AŒ for rhodium, 2.89AŒ for palladium, and 3.92AŒ for platinum, while the atomic radii are 1.34AŒ, 1.37AŒ, and 1.39AŒ, respectively. This means that the x-ray diffraction pattern for the ternary is not differentiable from the individual components and practically no strain can be generated due to close radii. The alloy can be made in powder form with particle size around 3 micrometers in diameter and prepared as a paste containing a binder and vitreous frit.