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Rounded Print Electrodes

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Original Publication Date: 1983-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-07
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Rounded print electrodes are utilized to minimize abrasion and print head wear.

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Rounded Print Electrodes

Rounded print electrodes are utilized to minimize abrasion and print head wear.

Print head 13 rides over ribbon 15, providing current pulses thereto. The current pulses cause ink material on the ribbon 15 to adhere to a document (not shown) located on the opposite side of ribbon 15 from print head 13. Print head 13 includes plural stacked electrodes 16 which are rounded so that abrasion is minimal as the print head rides over ribbon 15. In order to prevent an edge from developing as the electrode material wears, the contact point 17 between the electrodes 16 and ribbon 15 is periodically varied through an arc along the edge of the rounded electrodes 16. This allows for uniform wear and longer electrode life.

The changing contact point 17 is achieved with an eccentric cam 19 attached to ratchet mechanism 21. The print head carriage return motion may be used to actuate the ratchet mechanism. To maintain the relative position of the print head 13 over the ribbon 15 and avoid registration errors as the electrodes are rolled, an additional mechanism is necessary. Print head 13 is mounted on coupler link 23-25 of the curved slider crank 27-29. As link 23-31 oscillates upon cam 19 rotation, coupler link 23-25 moves the print head 13 back to maintain its position over the ribbon while allowing the electrodes 16 on print head 13 to roll.

The hole 33 through the rounded end of the electrodes 16 allows heat to dissipate through the center of the ele...