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Digital Pulse Generator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000046667D
Original Publication Date: 1983-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-07

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Kaufman, CL Luong, TL Puri, PP Tempel, MH [+details]


Existing pulse generator circuits employed in test systems are complex analog circuits which are based upon the use of RC time constants to provide a desired delay in the production of a strobe pulse with respect to the occurrence of an input trigger pulse. These conventional circuits are difficult to maintain because of the many adjustments required in order to keep them in alignment. The improved digital pulse generator circuit shown in the figure provides a simplified digital approach to generating a strobe pulse whose rise time occurs at a predefined delayed interval after an input trigger pulse. As shown in the figure, the multivibrator circuit 1 provides a periodic square-wave signal which is output on line 2 and is split into two portions. The signal is propagated along line 3 to the A input of the AND gate 8.