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Store System With Distributed Price Look-Up Function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000046684D
Original Publication Date: 1983-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-07

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Strole, NC [+details]


This article describes a store system in which the price look-up memory is partitioned among point-of-sale terminals connected in a local area network. Price look-up requests go directly from an originating terminal to the terminal having the partitioned price look-up memory for the item identified in the request. In a conventional store system, a single price look-up memory exists in a store controller, to which several terminals are connected. Each time a price look-up request is generated at a terminal, that request must be answered by the store controller. If several terminals in the conventional system generate price look-up requests simultaneously, the store controller must "stack" those requests. Under high traffic conditions, a request near the bottom of the stack may not be serviced for an unacceptably long time.