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Document Handling System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000049365D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-09
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This is a device for holding a viewing station within a document handling system.

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Document Handling System

This is a device for holding a viewing station within a document handling system.

The major part of the device is comprised within a station which has to receive documents from the top (manual entry) or from the left (autofeed) and move them laterally (i.e., perpendicularly to the plane of the figure).

However, the lateral movement has to be automatically stopped at the station for a given period of time, while the document is made readable by the operator.

The capstan (rotated by a motor) and a pressure roller are periodically separated from each other through a cam/cam follower operation. Separation of the capstan from the pressure roller enables a document manually dropped into the station to fall therebetween. Then, when the cam follower, coaxially connected to the pressure roller mounted on a spring-loaded arm, is released by the cam, the pressure roller is moved toward the capstan and the document is pinched between the capstan and the pressure roller for movement. The pressure roller has been conically shaped to bend the pinched document. To stop the document at the best reading position, a magnet holds the cam follower arm in the retracted position.


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