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Copier Power Control System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000049668D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-09
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A procedure is described for turning off the power to copiers which are under computer control.

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Copier Power Control System

A procedure is described for turning off the power to copiers which are under computer control.

A copier control system includes a host computer which communicates with terminals that are attached to copiers in a multicopier installation. The terminals include badge readers. Potential copier users insert their badges into the badge reader, the terminal sends the badge data to the host computer, and the host determines whether the user is authorized. The host returns a message to the terminal, and if the user is validated by the host, the terminal enables the copier.

The terminal is also used to collect information on copier usage by transaction. This information is transmitted to the host after the user removes his badge, signaling that the transaction is complete.

The terminal may include a mode whereby it continues to operate, transparent to the user, when the transmission link to the host is inoperative. In this mode, transaction data is accumulated in the terminal, and transmitted at a later time when the link is re-established.

A copier power control procedure for the system, which conserves energy, is:
(1) The host computer is programmed to determine when each copier on the system should be turned on or turned off. (2) At the appropriate time, a message is sent to a copier terminal to turn on or to turn off copier power. (3) Interface is provided between the terminals and the copiers to control copier power. (4) If the terminal determines that the host link is down, copier power control is left in the last previou...