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Robot End of Arm Tool Turret Disclosure Number: IPCOM000050450D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-10
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This arrangement permits rapid changing of tools at the end of a manipulator.

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Robot End of Arm Tool Turret

This arrangement permits rapid changing of tools at the end of a manipulator.

The tool turret 17 is attached to the end of the yaw motor by means of the hole on top of housing 13. A midget actuator 11 is used to provide the indexing motion upon command. Affixed to the rear of the actuator is a potentiometer. The unit 20 can be pneumatically or hydraulically operated. At the command signal, air retracts the "shot pin" 24 attached to a one-inch air cylinder 23. The actuator 11 advances rotating gear 12 which rotates gear 16, causing the turret 17, which is attached to the spindle 15, to rotate to the designated position.

When the designated position is reached, the air cylinder 23 is released and a spring action advances the shot pin 24 into the hole 19. The shot pin 24 assures alignment and simultaneously provides a lock-in position. The turret 17 can rotate in either direction upon command. The vacuum or air is provided by passing the lines through the center axis opening in the spindle 15. The turret 17 can be readily replaced with a larger or smaller diameter or a wider- or narrower- type turret.


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