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Ribbon Takeup

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000051132D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-10
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Jennings, JH: AUTHOR


Illustrated in the drawing is a novel scheme for effecting ribbon takeup on a printer or typewriter.

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Ribbon Takeup

Illustrated in the drawing is a novel scheme for effecting ribbon takeup on a printer or typewriter.

A rotatable cam 10, mounted on the machine, includes camming lobes 11 and 12 thereon which are adapted to register with a cam follower shaft 13 to effect reciprocation of the shaft 13 relative to a fixed barrel 14. Internally of the barrel 14 is a plurality of spaced-apart detent actuators which include a sloped upper and inwardly protruding camming surface 15 and recessed guide slots 16. Intermediate each of the detent actuators is a second recessed slot 17. At the opposite terminal end of the reciprocating shaft 13 is rigidly connected a pulsar unit 18 having projections 19 about the surface thereof which are adapted to register with the recesses 16 of the detent actuators in the barrel 14. The projections 19, cooperating with the recesses 16, restrict the pulsar unit to reciprocation.

At the projected terminal end of the pulsar unit 18 is a plurality of teeth 20 which serve to register with out of phase teeth 21 of a rotating detent 25, the detent 25 having, for illustration purposes only, projecting cam or guide followers 26 thereon. The lower portion of the guide followers 26 includes a sloped or inclined surface 27 which coacts with the inclined inwardly protruding camming surface 15 of the detent actuators interiorally of the barrel 14.

The rotating detent 25 includes a second shaft 28 connected thereto and comprises an upper splined portion, as at 29, which coacts with a spool or the like 30, in the present instance comprising a spiked driver adapted for pressing engagement against the outer portions of the ribbon takeup spool (not shown). The spool 30 is generally fixed with regard to vertical movement with respect to the splines 29 so as to permit the rotating detent 25 to reciprocate with...