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Lotus Notes Teamroom - Automatic User Name Update Disclosure Number: IPCOM000051257D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Feb-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-10
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Disclosed is a method to automatically update the ACL of a database with an email address that has been changed.

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Lotus Notes Teamroom - Automatic User Name Update

Teamrooms are used in many businesses to consolidate project related data/information or information on certain subjects. To obtain access to a database, a requester contacts the database owner. The owner then updates the ACL (Access control list) of the database to provide the requester with access. If the requester is not listed in the ACL, the requester can't access the database. Therefore, if the requester's e-mail address changes, the requester will not be able to access the database until the database is updated with the requester's new email address. The database should be able to automatically update the ACL with the requester's new email address so that the requester does not have to go through the process of requesting access again.

Process 1 below describes the steps involved when an employee requests access to a database. First, the database's ACL is updated with the employee's email address. At the time that the employee's email address is added to the ACL, the employee's serial number should also be added to the ACL. When an employee accesses the database, if the e-mail address matches, the employee will be able to access the database. If an employee who had access to a database, prior to a name change, attempts to access the database, the e-mail address will be mapped against the addresses in the ACL. If there isn't a match on the e-mail address, but the employee's serial number matches, the old email address would be replaced with the new email addr...