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Method of On Demand Web Presentation Management Through a Webservice Disclosure Number: IPCOM000051258D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Feb-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-10
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By using web services, this disclosure talks about how content can be leveraged with corporate standards. This method allows the webservice to be used to centralize presentation standards across many applications in realtime.

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Method of On Demand Web Presentation Management Through a Webservice

The core idea is a webservice that will manage content from a corporate wide environment. The concept is a service that could be called by anyone and could retrieve the common components of a web page or gui interface. For example, the common components could be a header and footer, page layouts (2, 3 column layout for, or returning a left navigation based on parameters passed to the webservice. These are key elements that are always structured the same in the company. The advantages would be many things. First, if a company changes their standards because of legal issues, CI standards they would automatically ripple to every site in the company. Second, when a company comes out with a new look and feel then the look at feel components would automatically be inherited by every site in the company. I would also say the last advantage would be the savings and potential revenue. Savings will come from the centralizing of the business level components and standards so they can be used. Potential revenue could be from the integration of this idea into products, and On Demand hosting offering.

An application(business level application) would call an enterprise webservice, in which it would be smart enough to return to the components. What the components are based on is XHTML or XML that follow corporation standards which describes the layout or structure of a web page's pres...