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Use of Powder Material Deposition Techniques in Tooling Repair Disclosure Number: IPCOM000051261D
Publication Date: 2005-Feb-10
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Use of Powder Material Deposition Techniques in Tooling Repair

Ultrasonic horns are easily damaged or are subject to wearing out due to the stresses and fatigue inherent in vibrational contact with workpieces at ultrasonic frequencies. In that such horns are typically made of titanium or aluminum, repair efforts by brazing or welding are frequently difficult or unenduring. Frequent replacement is the usual remedy.

It has been discovered that additive manufacturing techniques are particularly effective for the repair of ultrasonic tooling. Such tooling can be effectively rebuilt using, e.g. Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) techniques. For example, a LENS system from Optomec, Inc. of Albuquerque, NM may be used.

It as also possible to use LENS techniques to selectively place high wear materials onto vulnerable areas of titanium and aluminum ultrasonic horns to provide longer working life in the first instance.