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Solder Washer Pneumatic Applicator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000051340D
Original Publication Date: 1981-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-10
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Applicator 10 assembles solder washers W to power pins P on board B.

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Solder Washer Pneumatic Applicator

Applicator 10 assembles solder washers W to power pins P on board B.

In Operation, pickup head 11 is actuated for vacuum operation via a vacuum system (not shown) which is connected to pneumatic coupling fixture 12. The head 11 is positioned over a stock pile (not shown) of washers W. Head 11 has an array of circular ports 13 (Fig. 2) which conforms to the array of pins P of board B. Concentrically mounted in each port 13 is a square rod 14. The rods 14 are uniformly recessed inwardly in the ports 13 at a height H from the lower surface 15 of head 11. Also, rod 14 has a concentric bore 16 for receiving a pin P therein. The height H and the diameter of port 13 are judiciously selected to be compatible with the outside diameter and thickness of a solder washer W. As a result, when the head 11 is positioned over the aforementioned stock pile, only one washer is capable of being seated in each of the ports 13. The head 11 is then lifted off the stock pile, and the bottom surface 15 is then wiped off to remove any excess washers W that may be adhered to the head because of the vacuum.

With the vacuum still actuated, the head 11 is positioned over the pins P of the board B and lowered onto the board B with the aid of guide 17. This causes the pins P to pass through the respective washers W and into the bores 16. When the stop 18 of head 11 comes to rest on the top of guide 17, the pins P are fully inserted in the respective bores 16....