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Receptacle Attachment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000051746D
Original Publication Date: 1981-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-10
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A tie strip is used to mount a large number of precision receptacles t a circuit board or the like.

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Receptacle Attachment

A tie strip is used to mount a large number of precision receptacles t a circuit board or the like.

A pair of schematically shown parallel tie strips 10, 11 carry plural U-shaped spring-type connectors 12. The strips 10, 11 are positioned over circuit board 13 such that one connector 12 on one strip 10 is aligned with the mutually exclusive connector 12 of the other strip 11. The circuit board 13 has a pattern of solderable pads 14 arranged in two rows A, B of aligned pairs, which are in register with the aligned pairs of connectors 12 of strips 10, 11. Each connector 12 is placed in contact with the pad 14 with which it is aligned.

Multiple pairs of adjustable locating rods 15 are positioned in the locator holes 16 of each pair of aligned connectors 12. The spacing between rods 15 of a pair is adjusted to provide the proper axial spacing corresponding to the length of the component C to be subsequently inserted in the pair of aligned receptacle connectors 12. With the rode 15 so positioned in the holes 16, the connectors 12 are surface soldered to the respective pads 14.

After soldering, the rods 15 are retracted and the connectors 12 severed at the break joint 17 from the strips 10, 11. As a result, when the component C is inserted in the pair of aligned connectors 12, it is held through its two end electrodes E by the connectors 12 precisely in the X, Y and Z directions.


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