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PutterProject99 - Putter Alignment Device Plus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000051879D
Publication Date: 2005-Feb-11

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Welcome to Geon Ventures! We are a company whose goal is to bring to the public truly new and exciting products. Our first of many products to be released is the yet to be named [code name] PutterProject99. Unique in the golf world, we believe this exciting product, and its variations will change putters and the game of golf forever. First time golfers will be able to increase their ability to better align their putts therefore increase putting accuracy and at the same time doing so using a putter with alignment indicators of their choice. Golfers will soon be able to change and adjust both the alignment indicia (and also weight of the attachment) to suit their game at any given moment. This leap in personalization and customization of the putter to golfers’ games everywhere will increase both (1) the success of golfers at all levels and at the same time (2) bring about more enjoyment because now they will have a new set of putting options available. Even the best players face difficulties when lining up their putts, and the current mallet putters with static alignment indicia has helped them. But many of these putters look blockish, oversized, awkward and unpleasant to the eye. Unfortunately there was almost nothing a golfer could do after purchasing the putter to modify, alter, or customize the putter to their needs and preferences. Now here comes the PutterProject99, which combines not only alignment benefits but also the ability to select from an almost limitless number of possibilities of alignment indicia. Shapes, lines, colors, circles, 3-D, words, pictures, logos, etc. will be some of the choices that may be available with this new invention. Furthermore, visual appeal and personalization will be virtually unlimited. Just imagine that you will be able to select from various weighted alignment attachments and even have attachments that have the ability to change the weight. Golfers will soon have putting options that will have improved weighting, face-balanced (if preferred) and the feel and control they want, in addition to one or more type of alignment indicators that they can change based on what they feel most benefits them in any given situation.